PHOTOS: Suri Cruise’s Emotional Meltdown

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ adorable daughter is growing up fast – she’s set to turn four in April – but it looks like the little girl is still acting out like the terrible twos!

PHOTOS: Katie Carries A Crying Suri

Katie was spotted leaving a dance studio in Los Angeles, CA, on Thursday, carrying Suri in her arms, and the little girl, wearing a pretty red dress to match her moms, put on quite a display of emotion!

The usually seemingly sunny natured Suri was seen wailing and crying, experiencing what looked like quite the meltdown, as she hid behind her hands and her hair.

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What could of prompted Suri’s emotional outburst? As one of the most privileged and loved little girls in the world it’s hard to imagine!

But as every parent knows only too well, sometimes at the tender age of three, going on four, the slightest little thing can seem like the deepest trauma, setting off an emotional meltdown of the Nth degree.

PHOTOS: Suri Watches Dad Work

And, we guess that despite her wealthy parents and fabulous life, when it comes down to it, Suri really is just like any other little girl, albeit one of the most famous in the world!

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