NEW PHOTOS: Carrie Prejean In Bikini Scores With New QB Boyfriend

Carrie Prejean may play up being conservative both personally and politically, but during her recent Hawaiian vacation with boyfriend Kyle Boller, the former beauty queen let it all hang out with some racy frolicking in the water.

PHOTOS: Carrie and Kyle Get Dirty In The Surf

Prejean and Boller had a heated lip-lock in the ocean, blissfully unaware of watchers as they indulged in passionate PDA with their arms tightly wrapped around one another.

Prejean, infamous for her anti-gay marriage stance during the Miss USA pageant, was so caught up in the moment that she did not even blink an eye when she experienced a wardrobe malfunction: a part of her nipple slipped from her bikini top!

PHOTOS: Carrie Prejean During Last Year’s Swimsuit Competition

Prejean may talk the conservative Christian talk, but she sure doesn’t look like she’s walking the walk.

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