EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW: Dr Drew Claims Jeff Conaway Will Be In Physical Rehab For Six Months

In an exclusive interview Celebrity Rehab‘s Dr. Drew Pinsky tells RadarOnline.com that season one alum, Jeff Conaway, is facing six months of extended physical rehab following a nasty fall he suffered on January 18th.

“[Jeff] broke his hip,” Dr Drew tells RadarOnline.com. “He had an operation and actually broke his femur as I understand it and now has fixators in place and it will probably be six months in some sort of extended physical rehabilitation program.”

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The Grease actor, who has famously battled addictions in the past to cocaine, alcohol and pain killers has been sober since his stint on Dr. Drew’s hit show, but with his obvious pain from his injury Dr. Drew says he fears Jeff’s sobriety will have to take a back seat for the time being while he recovers. “Sobriety takes a backseat now because he has legitimate pain needs and he is going to get them,” Drew says. “We aren’t suggesting that he should have to suffer through insufferable human experience without painkillers but it’s going to be really difficult to get him sober with all that going on. I think he may… we will have to see how it goes. It’s not going to be easy whatever it is.”

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