EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: NBA Player Delonte West DID Harass Vanessa Lopez, Says Witness

It’s a case of she said he said when it comes to an incident that occurred over three years ago between Vanessa Lopez and Cleveland Cavaliers guard Delonte West.

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The beautiful model has had an unlucky past history with NBA players – Lopez recently hired power house attorney Gloria Allred to rep her in a harassment case against basketball legend Shaquille O’Neal, and she also suffered an unpleasant experience with West, when he was playing for the Boston Celtics back in 2006. Interestingly Shaq and Delonte are now team mates at the Cavaliers.

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According to reports Delonte claims he had to call security on Lopez when she refused to leave his hotel room. He goes on to claim she tried to seduce him and he turned her down because he had another woman coming over.

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But in a police report that was filed that night Lopez claims it was Delonte that was making the unwanted sexual advances towards her, and not the other way around.

So who is telling the truth?

According to the security guard that was called to Delonte’s room that night it’s Lopez.

Officer O’Neal Reporting For Duty

Bill Graham, former security manager for The Grand Bohemian, the hotel where Delonte was staying, tells RadarOnline.com, “I went up to the room to see what was going on and she came out of the bathroom and told me in the hallway that she knew this guy and had come up to the room with him to hang out and party a little bit but that was it. She was planning on going home.

“But he wanted more. She said he wanted to have sex with her but she didn’t want to. I think he was trying to keep her from leaving too, and that’s why she said she locked herself in the bathroom because she was scared. She told me she had been in there for an hour trying to keep him away from her.”

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“She didn’t want to file a police report but I told her, ‘look, these hotels have NBA contracts and because of their various clauses they like to keep these kinds of issues quiet.’ I told her she should at least file a police report so she did. It was filed with Orlando Police Dept.

“She told me, ‘I trusted him. I knew him.’ I said, ‘how well did you know him?’ and she said, ‘I knew him well enough to think that I trusted him.’

“She was definitely scared more than anything else.”

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And what was Delonte West doing this whole time?

“He was in the room, talking on his cell phone, acting like this was no big thing,” Graham tells RadarOnline.com. “He said that she came up to party.

“These basketball players think because they make so much money and they’re star athletes that they can get any woman to come back with them to their hotel rooms and then they expect them to have sex with them. A lot of times, that’s exactly what these women do. But Vanessa was scared.”

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