Denials Fly On Brad & Angelina Split Report

Are they or aren’t they?

We’re talking about Brad and Angelina, of course, and the overseas report that says they are splitting.

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Now denials are flying on this side of the Atlantic but nobody has gone on the record about the reported split, to either confirm or deny it.

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The News of the World reported Sunday that Brangelina has already consulted  top divorce attorneys, even though the couple isn’t married. The report claims they’ve agreed on how to split a $322 million fortune and resolved custody issues of their children.

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But now denials are flying, saying the couple is staying together. One problem: no one has gone of the record about the split or non-split story. Brad & Angelina never comment on news reports about their personal life.

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All we know is the last time they were seen together they looked happy and neither Brad nor Angelina has given any hint of a breakup.

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