VIDEO: Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Raunchy, Shows Off New Tattoo On Jimmy Kimmel

Oscar nominee Jake Gyllenhaal may be best known for his steamy love scenes with the late Heath Ledger, but got into hot and heavy banter about his new screen romance with another Brokeback Mountain co-star, Anne Hathaway, on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday.

Gyllenhaal, currently filming Love and Other Drugs with Hathaway in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, held little back when talking about the sex scenes he’s been shooting with the actress for the Ed Zwick-directed film.

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“We’ve been having a lot of love scenes in the movie,” Gyllenhaal said. “We’ve been baring almost all of us, so that’s not been bad either — we were pretty much naked, except for a merkin.”

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Gyllenhaal went on to graphically explain, exactly what a merkin is; it’s now used in Hollywood as a protective cover for actors filming nearly naked love scenes.

“And you get paid for this, even better,” Kimmel joked.

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In addition to the love scenes, Gyllenhaal said he has also passed time in Pittsburgh watching the city’s Super Bowl champion Steelers, even showing off a tattoo he got after going to one of the team’s games.

While Gyllenhaal was more than candid about most everything during the appearance, at least one touchy subject wasn’t touched upon: his relationship with actress Reese Witherspoon, which is rumored to be on the rocks these days.

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