Marketers Pull Tiger Woods Ads From Primetime

The fallout from Tiger Woods‘ alleged extramarital affairs continues.

Marketers have pulled all of the golfer’s ads from prime-time television networks and 19 cable channels, according to a report.

Gatorade Drops Tiger Woods

According to data from Nielsen Co., the last ad featuring Woods was a 30-second Gillette spot that ran on November 29.

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Tiger ads were also noticeably absent from commercials on several weekend spots as well.

“Last weekend there wasn’t any advertisement during those games,” Aaron Lewis, a spokesperson at Nielsen, said.

As reported, Gatorade has discontinued its Tiger “Focus” Drink. Gatorade released a statement Tuesday saying the move to discontinue its “Tiger Focus” drink had nothing to do with the golfer’s growing scandal and that the decision was made before Tiger’s car crash and allegations of extramarital affairs.

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