WORLDWIDE EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: First Look At Twilight Sims Parody

With only two days left until New Moon hits theaters, fans have been screaming, literally, for sights of Rob Pattinson all over the world. has the exclusive first look at EA’s The Sims parody of New Moon, including two passionate kisses with Rob Pattinson, and one of them is with someone OTHER than Bella!!

A pale, shivering Kristen Stewart — admittedly not feeling great — appeared on The Today Show Wednesday, seemingly out of sorts, as she mumbled and slouched her way through the appearance.

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The tongue-in-cheek parody promises “More Action, More Drama, More Lipstick,” and shows the hunky vampire Edward Cullen with super sexy overly red lips. 

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The video promises “More Guys Without Shirts,” and Jacob and the werewolves’ seriously buffed bods make an appearance, which you definitely shouldn’t miss.  Watch Edward battle it out with vampires and get way more action than he probably gets in New Moon

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In the end, it’s not about who Bella chooses in the book that matters, because with The Sims it’s all up to the players!

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