VIDEO: David Hasselhoff Slurs Speech At Music Awards

David Hasselhoff set tongues wagging regarding his sobriety Thursday night when he made a slurred speech at the European Music Awards in Germany.

Hasselhoff Rushed To Hospital With Alcohol Poisoning Again

Dressed in a sparkly sequin jacket the Hoff cut a dashing figure, entering the stage and singing along to the overheard music.

Hasselhoff: The Drunken Coverup Exposed

Hasselhoff took to the mic and slurred through his short speech though, informing the crowd “I’m not responsible for the wall coming down, the East Germans are responsible for the wall coming down.”

Expert Warns Hasselhoff Will Die If He Doesn’t Stop Boozing

Hasselhoff has struggled in recent times with his fight to remain sober. As exclusively reported in September, the star was recently rushed to the hospital with alcohol poisoning, the second time just this year.

Drunken David Hasselhoff Decks Detox Doctor

People close to Hasselhoff say that he is in denial about his severe alcoholism. “It’s sad,” a source told “He needs help and he’s in denial.”

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