VIDEO: Boston Train Conductor “Prayed For The Best” In Viral Video Miracle

A quick-thinking New England train conductor thanked nearby Good Samaritans for alerting her to the presence of a tipsy woman stuck on the train tracks last Friday in a harrowing, dramatic scene that has since gone viral on YouTube.

Charice Lewis, appearing on Good Morning America Wednesday, said the concerned citizens who waved and flailed their arms on the train station platform made it possible for her to brake just in the nick of time — just before the woman, 26-year-old scientist Sophia Hartegan, would have been crushed by the oncoming locomotive.

“I just prayed for the best,” she said, adding she was extra careful Friday, knowing the nearby Boston Celtics game had just ended, which would cause additional foot traffic. “And when she came out, she came out crawling, and she gave me a smile.”

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Hartegan issued a statement in the wake of the incident, saying she could not express how grateful she was to the people on the platform and train operator.

“I am amazed how many people stepped up to save someone in trouble,” she said.

Hartegan will not be charged in connection with public intoxication, authorities said.

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