VIDEO: Andre Agassi Answers Criticism From Tennis Colleagues

Andre Agassi, during his interview on 60 Minutes Sunday, responded to criticism from tennis colleagues Martina Navratilova and Roger Federer
after public revealing he was addicted to crystal methamphetamine “for the better part of 1997.”

Tennis great Federer called Agassi’s revelations “a bit of a pity,” while Martina Navratilova implied Agassi’s admitted use of speed puts him “up there with Roger Clemens,” meaning he’s admitting cheating after the fact.

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Agassi countered saying he was taking recreational — not performance-enhancing drugs, and that he deserved compassion, not condemnation, from his colleagues.

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“I was at a time in my life … I needed help … I had a problem,” he said. “So I would ask for some compassion.”

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Agassi’s tell-all, Open, hits stores Monday, November 9.


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