SHOCKING VIDEO: Woman Falls On Tracks As Train Speeds Toward Her!

It’s video that will make your heart race.

Watch as the conductor of a Boston subway train comes to a screeching halt after barely rolling over a 26-year-old woman who had fallen onto the tracks.

Fortunately, the woman was in between the two tracks, so she was not harmed.

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The train conductor, Charice Lewis, got an emergency radio call from fellow Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority employee Jacqueline Osorio, who was standing on the platform at North Station on Friday night when she saw the woman tumble.

Lewis, who saw passengers on the platform frantically waving their arms, immediately tugged her emergency brake.

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The woman, whose name was not made public, suffered some scrapes and was taken to a hospital for evaluation. She told authorities she had been drinking.

Lewis and Osorio are both being hailed as heroes; they were recognized by Massachusett State Transportation Secretary Jeffrey Mullan on Monday and received a call of congratulations from Governor Deval Patrick.

Watch the video!

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