The Quaids In Texas: “Nobody Knows What To Make Of Them”

Headline-making couple Randy and Evi Quaid are strolling around the small town of Marfa, Texas seemingly without a care in the world – despite the fact that they are set to be extradited to California after failing to appear in Santa Barbara court THREE times.

See New Photos Of The Quaids In Texas caught-up with the erratic couple Thursday in the town with a population of 2,400 people but the Quaids refused to talk about their legal situation.

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Meanwhile, the locals are perplexed by the presence of Randy and Evi. One resident told “Nobody seems to know what to make of them or why they have really come to Marfa in the first place.”

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Marfa Sheriff Danny Dominguez told Radar “There have been no new developments with regard to the Santa Barbara case but we are aware of what is going-on.

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“Once our counterparts contact us then we will be involved in the warrant process although the California officers will have to come here and take them back themselves.

Randy And Evi Quaid No Show At Court, Extradition Process Under Way

“At the moment they are still part of our community in Marfa and that is all I am prepared to say just now.”

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