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MOVIE REVIEW: New Moon Is A Treat For Fans

The day has finally arrived. After an entire year without Edward Cullen on the big screen, Twilight fans’ prayers have been answered.

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New Moon has all the recognizable scenes from the book, but seeing it on the big screen gives audience members one thing Stephenie Meyer didn’t write: screams of delight! Yep, absolute screams of delight at the first glimpse of Taylor Lautner’s shirtless abs.

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Watch out Edward, seeing Jacob Black with his newly buff body was more than the ladies in the audience could handle!

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Kristen Stewart’s much-talked about heartbreak scenes were not as powerful as expected. If you were left by the perfection who is Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen, the angst should be a little more palpable. However, Stewart did shine during the intense nightmare scenes.

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While Stewart’s spunky Bella delivers, it’s Ashley Greene as Alice who lights up the film. With her cute coif (and darling scarf and glasses in Italy), Alice is a breath of fresh air in the gloomy film.

Kristen Stewart And Taylor Lautner Strike A Pose

As expected, the one thing we missed in the movie was substantial Edward and Bella time. Still, a gorgeous (and shirtless) Pattinson in Italy and their few brief embraces and kisses filled in some of the gap near the end.

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We are already counting down to next summer’s release of Eclipse!