Kristen Stewart: Twilight Producers Were Nervous About Joan Jett Haircut

Bella Swan is the latest iconic heroine to hit both the page and the screen so it comes as no surprise that every detail about her — including her long, flowing locks — would be very important to both fans and movie makers.

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Kristen Stewart recently opened up about chopping off her long Bella locks in favor of Joan Jett’s black rocker shag for the movie The Runaways. The actress cut her hair in the production break between Twilight and New Moon.

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“I knew I could still play Bella and not have to feel the sweat running down my head to make me feel I was doing something real,” Stewart explained to Time. “I knew I could wear a wig and still play her. And I knew if I was going to fit The Runaways into this time frame that they were going to just have to deal with it.”

Despite Stewart’s cavalier attitude, she did admit that the producers did have some initial concerns about the drastic change.

“That was something they were initially scared about, but it ended up being totally fine. And it gave me an opportunity to do something different in between. Hopefully people can understand that.”

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