EXCLUSIVE: Mischa Barton’s Friends Come To Her Rescue During Halloween Bar Brawl

Mischa Barton had a real scare on Halloween night but it was a good thing her friends were there to back her up. RadarOnline.com has learned that the actress was the subject of a rude reveler who was quickly put into his place by her protective pals.

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Dressed as a peacock, the former OC star was getting beverages for her group at New York’s The Park Bar in Chelsea when a partygoer threw a drink on her.

“I was standing beside this guy at the bar when Barton went past us carrying two drinks,” an onlooker told RadarOnline.com. “The next thing I knew he threw his drink over her back and she turned around and asked him: “Did you just throw a drink over me?” The man responded that the drink was in retaliation for Barton stepping on his shoe.

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Barton returned to her table (supposedly after she gave the guy a taste of his own medicine and “threw one of her drinks” in his face) and told her friends of the incident. One especially incensed pal went up to the drink thrower. Within a few minutes one of her male friends came over to confront the guy and asked him to step-outside. Barton’s friend left but then he kept coming back every few minutes to complain.” Allegedly, things heated up from there and the two men ended up fighting one another on the dance floor before two bouncers came over and ejected the instigator from the club.

The original drink thrower didn’t go unscathed leaving with “a gash to his head and his knee was all cut up.” And of course a shoe stepped on by a Hollywood actress.

A rep for the actress had no comment.

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