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EXCLUSIVE: Levi Johnston’s A Big Boy

Levi Johnston fled his native Alaska and touched down in the Big Apple earlier this week where he’ll be doing his upcoming nude photo shoot for Playgirl Magazine.

Levi Johnston Planning To File For Joint Custody

What does Johnston’s family think about him taking it all off? RadarOnline.com spoke exclusively Wednesday with Johnston’s sister, Mercedes, who said, “He’s a big boy and can make his own decisions.”

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Levi Johnston Headed For Hollywood

Well, not all decisions.  “He pretty much just does whatever Tank [Levi’s manager] advises him to do,” Mercede concluded.

VIDEO: Levi Johnston Says Full Frontal Nude Pictorial Will Be “Tasteful”

Levi’s online spread hits the Internet in December. Big boy, huh? We’ll be the judge of that.