Report: Accused Letterman Blackmailer Saw Dave Kiss His Girlfriend

Accused David Letterman extortionist Robert Halderman watched idly by as his girlfriend, Stephanie Birkitt, passionately kissed the late night talk show host in a parked car in the driveway of Halderman’s Norwalk, Connecticut home two months ago, the New York Post reported.

Halderman, a CBS 48 Hours producer, and Birkitt broke up a short time later; Birkitt, 34, moved into a Manhattan apartment shortly thereafter, leading many to believe the infidelity was a motivating factor as to why Halderman would allegedly attempt to blackmail the married Letterman for $2 million.

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“You have here someone who [went through] a divorce, losing children, his world is falling apart, and the one thing you can hold onto wasn’t what he thought it was,” a source familiar with the case told the Post.

David Letterman Drama Makes For Ratings Gold

The controversy surrounding the trio ignited after iconic talk show host admitted to “having sex with women who work for me” during a tension-filled confession on his show last week.

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