RED CARPET VIDEO: Reality Stars Dish on The Red Carpet

Even in the pouring rain reality stars will walk a red carpet.  The biggest stars in the reality world braved the Los Angeles rain and attended the Fox Reality Channel Really Awards Tuesday night, where they found a completely soaking wet carpet. “Its fun to have an award show that recognizes real people doing what they love,” Karina Smirnoff told

Flaming the rumor fires, Karina revealed exclusively the secret she and Aaron Carter share.  “We have a child together,” she joked and told us that she was naming their love child Maksim.  Ouch! Her partner on Dancing with the Stars told us “I’m not doing anything with Karina except dancing. I’m doing the crime without doing the time.”

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Paris Hilton was honored with the Innovator Award, and her sister Nicky told us how the girls stay so happy.  “I think I have a really great balance in my personal life and my professional life so I think that’s the key to success and happiness.” 

83 year-old Hugh Hefner brought his new girlfriends with him, the gorgeous Crystal and twins Karissa and Kristina, and he revealed how pleased he is with the Marge Simpson Playboy issue. “I can’t remember a celebrity that we’ve run in and on the magazine that has prompted so much media attention, it’s wonderful.”

PHOTOS: Hef And His Gorgeous New Girlfriends

Check out hot messes Ashley and Farrah from Rock of Love Bus with Bret Michaels talking about the reality show they think should be based on them “in a Winne-bagel,” and watch Melissa Rivers remind us exactly why we’re in this business!

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