A Pair Of Jeans For Every Fashionista!

Don’t know what jeans fit best with your individual style?  With so many denim lines and styles to choose from, buying jeans can be a daunting task.  Mike Lanes, a new premium denim company is making things easier for us!  Each individually handcrafted pair of jeans has its own “personality” built in.  Whether you are a rock and roll wild child like Kate Moss or a trend setting chic fashionista like Victoria Beckham, there is a pair tailored just for you!

In styles such as Rocker Girl, Party Girl, and Cosmo Girl, Wild Girl, Chic Girl, and Martini Girl, Mike Lanes jeans are handcrafted and unique, but share a common thread of high quality, fit, and design.  His mission is simple: To make you look hot!

Each pair of jeans retails for about $200 and can be scooped up              .

Click here to check out the Mike Lanes website and decide what kind of denim Girl you are!


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