EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Michael Lohan Says Jon’s Money Claims Are “Valid”

Jon and Kate Gosselin head to court Tuesday morning to hash out who’s to blame in the alleged depletion of their marital money pot.

After spending the weekend with Jon at his Pennsylvania home, his buddy Michael Lohan exclusively tells RadarOnline.com that he truly feels Jon and Kate will resolve their financial issues and make peace — for the sake of their 8 children.

Michael Lohan Says He’s Headed To Court With Jon

“I think he and Kate both have some very valid points. Like in any divorce, we all do the ‘he said, she said’ thing,” Lohan said. “If one party does something, the other party tries to do the same back, to counter that. But at the end of the day, they’re going to resolve it.”

When it comes to Jon’s claims that Kate is also to blame for helping to empty the family’s bank account (she says he took $230,000, he says she took $100,000), Lohan says he believes his pal, but worries about the advice he’s getting.

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“Jon’s got a good point,” he tells RadarOnline.com. “But with regard to the divorce, and everything he was saying on TV about TLC, I just don’t get it. Jon and Kate have the same contract. How can he [Attorney Mark Heller] allow TLC to shut Jon down, cut him out of the show, tie him up with an exclusive and not do any work when they’re doing the exact opposite for Kate?”

Jon Says Kate Is Lying About The Money

Lohan adds, “Mark Heller should have gotten Jon out of his contract already. He should have allowed Jon to pursue the Divorced Dad’s Club like he committed to. There could be some serious legal issues there because everyone had already committed to it. And in New York, a verbal commitment is as good as a written commitment.”

If you’re wondering why Lohan seems so emotionally invested in Jon’s legal counsel, it’s because he’s partly to blame for partnering Gosselin up with Heller.

“I brought Jon to Michael Heller [Mark Heller’s son] in the beginning,” He said. “I know Michael and I trust him. Michael referred Jon to his father because his father is an attorney. When I first met Mark, he seemed like a really nice guy, very sincere, very loyal. He seemed to have Jon’s best interest at heart, he was gung ho about the Divorced Dad’s Club. I even had a book agent come to the table. Then, Mr. Heller signed Jon. He cut the book agent, he stopped returning my phone calls. He wanted to put his own book deal together. He suddenly had other ideas about other shows for Jon. I mean, look at his record. I didn’t think of looking into him.”

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