Chris Rick Wins Legal Battle Over Good Hair Movie

Chris Rock is getting the last laugh in his legal battle with Regina Kimbell who tried to block the release of the comedian’s movie Good Hair and alleged he stole the premise for it from her 2006 documentary.

EXCLUSIVE: Chris Rock Slapped With $5 Million Lawsuit Over Good Hair

“After reviewing these films, I am even more convinced not to grant the preliminary (injunction),” U.S. District Judge Dale S. Fischer said in court. She added that the two films “don’t seem to be made for the same Audience” and “are not similar at all.”

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENT: Chris Rock’s Response To Movie Lawsuit

Kimbell had asked for $5 million in damages and an injunction preventing Rock and HBO Films from showing Good Hair. Her 2006 documentary My Nappy Roots had celebrities and others discuss African American hair styles and techniques while Rock’s uses celebrities to examine the lengths black women go through to make their hair more European. Rock has said the inspiration for the film came to him after his six-year old daughter asked him why she didn’t have good hair.

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