Busted! David Beckham Caught Texting While Driving

Seems there’s a hot new law breaking craze in Hollywood these days, and David Beckham is quick to jump on the bandwagon!

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Ever since California first lady Maria Shriver was caught red handed using her phone while driving, a no no that her own hubby passed into law earlier this year, stars have been snapped left right and center flaunting the law of the land.

Maria Shriver Apologizes After Being Caught Using Cell Phone While Driving

David Beckham is the latest to be caught breaking the law. The 34-year old soccer legend was snapped texting on his cell phone, with no hands on the steering wheel, as he left soccer training Wednesday.

VIDEO: Maria Shriver “I Don’t Have A Cell Phone Anymore”

Beckham was driving his custom designed Escalade from The LA Galaxy training grounds, but was too distracted to pay attention to the road. A definite flaunting of the laws of California!

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