Travolta Extortion Case Evidence Destroyed

Things are not looking good for the Travolta family in their ongoing extortion case in the Bahamas.

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First there were rumors swirling of an impending mistrial due to leaked evidence and now key evidence has been destroyed in the case.

Extortion trial jury selected

Former senator, Pleasant Bridgewater, one of the two people being prosecuted for allegedly attempting to extort $25 million from Travolta, following the death of his son Jett in January, destroyed evidence by setting it ablaze.

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The evidence was a document, a ‘Refusal of Treatment/Transportation’ form, which was signed by Travolta because at first he wanted to take his son to the airport instead of a hospital.

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The document is key to the trial as it was was what Bridgewater, and fellow defendant, Tarino Lightbourne, were using to allegedly extort money from Travolta.

Bridgewater set the document on fire and then flushed the remaining ashes down the toilet in her residence.

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