Susan Boyle Pulls In Dream Ratings For America’s Got Talent & Leaves LA

Expect to see Susan Boyle on TV during sweeps week: the 48-year-old’s maiden performance on NBC’s America’s Got Talent drew phenomenal ratings, garnering a reported 25 million viewers for Wednesday night’s episode. Boyle soon left Los Angeles after her performance.

Watch some of Susan’s fantastic performance

See Susan’s LA farewell

A vignette detailing Boyle’s rise to fame was shown, followed by a rousing cover of the Rolling Stones’ hit, Wild Horses.

Why she chose that song for her American debut

The Scottish spinster-turned-singing superstar rose from obscurity with a ravishing rendition of I Dreamed A Dream on Britain’s Got Talent, which went viral on YouTube to the tune of more than 90 million views.

How she spent her day before her big performance

Boyle was spotted at Los Angeles International Airport with a smile on her face. Flanked by two bodyguards and her personal assistants, she wore a grey suit and a long blue scarf as she boarded her flight.

Come back soon Susan!

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