Spice Girls Reunite Minus Posh

Four out of the five spice girls reunited for a high-profile dinner in England on Wednesday night. Noticeably absent was Victoria “Posh” Beckham but it was more about geography than a snub.

“Having dinner with emma,geri,mel c,sooo nice to see my girls!!! I love them shame vic didn’t come!” Mel B wrote on her Twitter page.

Emma Bunton, Mel B, Mel C, and Geri Halliwell looked like pictures of giggly perfection as they left The Palm restaurant in London’s Knightsbridge neighborhood. Clearly enjoying themselves and not wanting to end the catching-up outing, the foursome then headed to the Mayfair Hotel for a nightcap.

Mel B summarized the night saying: “Spice girls, stadiums?????????? Had dinner with the amazing melc emma and geri I love them so much!”

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