EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Britney’s Target Shopping Spree

Britney Spears may have just traveled via private jet all over the world on tour, but when she’s back in LA she spends her days like the rest of us, shopping at Target.  For the second day in a row the Pop Princess wandered through the aisles of Target followed by a few of her favorite people, the paparazzi.

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Driving herself to the store in her fancy Mercedes and dressed in cut off jean shorts and a belly shirt, the mother of two smiled and nodded yes when asked if she was happy to be back in Los Angeles.  Britney was snapped being a pretty strict parent recently, not giving in to her crying son Jayden James in a candy store in Vegas. We’re happy to see Brit Brit not spoiling her adorable little boys.

Watch Britney and Her Little One in the Candy Store

On Tuesday Britney released her newest single 3, a song with naughty words that we’re sure she isn’t letting her boys listen to!

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