EXCLUSIVE: Ashley Olsen In Tears At Restaurant

It was a startling sight Tuesday at Joan’s on Third, the trendy, trendy café in Los Angeles. (That’s right, two trendys, that’s how cool Joan’s is.)

Ashley Olsen strolled in with boyfriend Justin Bartha and everything seemed just fine. We actually found a table, had a friend who was paying… oh, wait, we mean everything seemed fine with Ashley and Justin.

They were holding hands, appeared to be very happy and then ordered food and took a seat. Ashley sipped from a coffee cup and we stopped staring.

But about 10 minutes later Ashley became visibly upset, took off her sunglasses and while sitting on Justin’s lap started crying. They weren’t fighting and it was obvious Justin was trying to comfort her as he rubbed her back.

It was a sad, sad meal and Ashley never said what made her cry. But it’s very clear that she and Justin are still going strong as he tried everything to make her feel better.

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