BREAKING NEWS: John Travolta Testifies About Being Told Jett ‘Not Alive’

John Travolta has given his final testimony of the day in the trial against two defendants accused of attempting to extort $25 million from the actor following his son’s tragic death in January.

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Travolta recounted how Jett was taken to the hospital via ambulance with John sitting in the back with his son, and wife Kelly Preston sitting in the front passenger seat.

He stated that the ambulance driver was the person who also signed the liability release document, a document that is at the core of the trial. Cops say John was threatened that unless he paid a fortune, the document would be released, making it look like he refused treatment for his dying son.

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Travolta testified he helped perform compressions on Jett during the trip to the hospital.

Gritting his teeth, he went on to say that Jett was brought into the hospital on a gurney. Travolta said he remained with his son until he and his wife were asked to leave Jett’s side while the teenager was being worked on.

John testifies, says Jett was autistic

A short time later, Travolta and Preston were taken to the rear of the hospital and told that Jett was “not alive.”

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Travolta stated that he remained in Freeport in four days before going home to Ocala, Florida

Travolta has been informed he will be required to return to court. The date will be decided later

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