VIDEO: Brad Pitt For Mayor Of New Orleans?

Brad Pitt – he’s an actor, humanitarian, & super dad… but Mayor?

Responding to a wave of bootlegged shirts circulating the New Orleans area, touting noted Hurricane Katrina philanthropist Brad Pitt, for mayor of New Orleans, the actor told NBC’s Anne Curry Wednesday he wants no part of the job.

“I’m running on the gay marriage, no religion, taxation and legalization of marijuana platform,” said the gorgeous A-lister, speaking inside a Big Easy home his organization, Make It Right, rebuilt. “I don’t have a chance, no — that’s not when I do best.”

The actor, now the public face of rebuilding efforts since Hurricane Katrina devastated the area four years ago, said he wants to bring 150 homes back to life by 2011. He boasted that the eco-conscious 15 homes Make It Right has erected in the area makes it “greenest neighborhood in the United States, already.”

He said this organization is focused on “solving problems for an area and coming up with the solutions for how we live.”

“I want to see this through, it means something to me … we’ll take donations, we can use em —,” he said.

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