Victoria Beckham’s Nude Body Gets a Man Arrested

Raffi Nernekian was arrested in the United Arab Emirates this week after getting into an argument over a t-shirt he was wearing which depicted a nude Victoria Beckham with only the words “Protect the Skin You’re In” and her hands covering key private parts.

The t-shirt was made by celebrity favorite designer Marc Jacobs and was aimed to raise money for a skin cancer research project at New York University. Supermodel Naomi Campbell and actress Winona Ryder also posed for the campaign.

Nernekian- who worked as a brand manager at one of Jacobs’ local agents- said he got the shirt from his brother who returned from a trip to New York. After being approached by a man in a bakery, Nernekian left to change but found police waiting for him on his return.

He has been jailed for offending public decency for a month and will be deported after serving his sentence despite having lived in Dubai  for five years. Dubai had issued an updated version of its codes of conduct saying: “clothing shall not indecently expose parts of the body, be transparent, or display obscene or offensive pictures and slogans.”

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