EXCLUSIVE: Mom Mum On Mischa Barton’s Future

Mischa Barton’s manager mom refused to comment Tuesday on growing rumors that her troubled daughter was about to get axed from her new show Beautiful Life for the CW network.

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As reports surfaced that producers were searching for a replacement for the former OC star who was hospitalized after police placed her on an involuntary psychiatric hold, Nuala Quinn remained tight-lipped about the fallen starlet’s immediate future.

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“I’m not commenting on Mischa right now or her future, I have got nothing to say at this point,” Quinn exclusively told RadarOnline.com.

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Looking tired and stressed Quinn – who helps to manage her daughter’s career – simply shrugged her shoulders when asked if Barton was about to enter rehab to try and get her life and career back on track.

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“Really, I can’t talk,” she said to RadarOnline.com before getting into her black Mercedes.

She then drove to her daughter’s Hollywood Hills home where she currently lives along with her youngest daughter Hania Barton.

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