Bikini Showdown: Under 30 versus Over 30 Stars

Hollywood’s hottest ladies know that the best thing to do on a summer day is to grab a bikini, hit the beach and frolic in the waves.  From Malibu to Miami to the shores of Southern France, these gorgeous gals make sure that all their hard work in the gym is put on display for everyone to admire, and envy.

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And while youth is heavily desired, some things are better with age. In the interest of science, or actually just plain fun, decided to compare some of the hottest under 30 stars with their over 30-year-old counterparts in a sexy bikini showdown.

Want to be the judge if age matters? Then check out these amazing photos including 9021-Oh so pretty Anna Lynne McCord, who celebrated her 22nd birthday this summer on the beach in Malibu, and 37-year-old Carmen Electra who defines sexiness at any age.

We’ve put together the best of the best under 30 years old and over 30. Who has the best bikini body?  Take a look; we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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