EXCLUSIVE DETAILS: Angelina Suffered ‘Slight Concussion’

RadarOnline.com has exclusive details about the injury sustained Friday by actress Angelina Jolie, on the set of her action flick Salt.

Brad Pitt‘s partner collided with a set light during filming, causing a cut and a minor concussion.

“Angelina was…on the Long Island set today and was hit in the head by a light. She got a small cut in the middle of her forehead just above the eyes and was bleeding,” a source tells Radar.

“When she was taken to hospital as a precautionary measure, doctors treated the cut and determined she had a slight concussion.”

After doctors deemed it safe to go back to set, the source tells us “she spent the rest of the day doing blue screen work. They covered up the small cut she received with a wig and makeup.”

Jolie was a trooper, the source adds. Filming, which started in the morning, went as late as 11:15 p.m.

Production is expected to wrap as early as next week, after final scenes are shot in Washington, D.C.


(Photo: Wenn)

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