Brian Grazer’s Hollywood-Size Divorce

He’s the producer of some of the biggest movies in Hollywood, including the new Angels & Demons, and TV series, including 24 but Brian Grazer is a whole lot poorer today following the dissolution of his marriage to Gigi Levangie-Grazer.

Check out the court papers here!

Conveniently, the couple had a pre-nup so dividing up the wealth went fairly smoothly. 

Brian has already paid Gigi, a screenwriter-turned author whose credits include The Starter Wife, $8.75 million for the purchase of a primary residence for she and their sons Thomas, 9 and Patrick, 5. 

Brian still has to cough up another $4.5 million in cash to Gigi, and they have to sit down and split up their wedding gifts which ironically are still in storage from their 1997 nuptuals.

The Grazers will share legal and physical custody of their sons, with a schedule that includes alternating weekends, and pre-set spring break, summer vacation and holiday arrangements. 

Brian will also be writing out monthly child support payments, $25,000 for Patrick and $15,000 for Thomas. 

Dad will additionally be paying for the kids’ private school tuition and medical expenses.

But there’s more!

Brian has to pay a total of $475,000 for Gigi’s legal fees, and $488,777 in retroactive support.

And in one of those only in Hollywood tales, the Grazers former family home has been sold to another superstar couple.

The new owners are none other than Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who got a divorce steal.

They reportedly paid $11.5 million for the Pacific Palisades estate which was originally listed at $2 million higher.

Hopefully they’ll have a happier time there than the Grazers did.

(Photo: Wenn)

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