Susan Boyle Gets Last Laugh At Bullies

Susan Boyle is already enjoying the spotlight.

The unemployed, 47-year-old Scottish woman has become a worldwide sensation in record time after an unexpectedly brilliant performance of UK’s American Idol, Britain’s Got Talent.    Watch Susan Boyle’s Full Performance

She told Good Morning America’s Diane Sawyer that “she can’t believe this” — an exaggerated amount of attention personified by more than 15 million YouTube views in four days — has happened. She said her friends were “Gobsmacked” — a European term for shocked — by her newfound fame.

Boyle said that as a child, she was the victim of schoolyard bullying for her unique looks and reclusive demeanor.

“I tended to be quiet at school,” she said.

Thankfully, her resplendent voice has been heard, and Boyle remains quiet no more.

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