Brangelina Adoption Rumors a Bust?

Theres a bigger mystery brewing than the espionage visible on the set of Angelina Jolie’s Salt are she and partner Brad Pitt really looking to adopt again?

The UKs Daily Mail reports that both stars touched down in Manila, Philippines, intending to file for adoption of a native child (adding to their brood of six).

Regional authorities have no record of such a trip, has confirmed.

Thus far its a negative on any arrive of anyone looking like Brad or Angelina at NAIA, said Deputy General Manager Tirso Serrano of Manilas International Airport Authority.

No private jets also.

The Mail speculates Manila was targeted after the famous couple failed to acquire a child from the Southeast Asian nation of Burma.

A spokesperson for the US Embassy in Manila declined to comment on the latest speculation surrounding the famous pair.

Jolie, 33, continues to film Salt in New York City.

(photo via Wenn)

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