TRAVEL: Travel Robot

We all need a robot or two to make our lives easier and here’s one at our command right now —, who finds you travel discounts. Simply select the components you need, enter your information, and tell your robot to step on it (or click on “Go!”). Travel Robot automatically stores your information so you can quickly and easily shop a variety of top sites to find the best deals. (In tech terms, it’s actually a “Bot” which scans the web for the best deals, but “Robot” is cuter.)

We tired it out for “cruises” and it and up with 10 top deals in literally minutes. Plus, it’ s got a very cool “last minute travel deals” section if you’re one of those spontaneous people who can drop everything and jump on a plane. (We need at least two days to shop and three days to pack so won’t be using this feature.)

Most of the time it sends you to Orbitz, where we could go on our own, but our Robot also looked at obscure sites and all the major airlines. Cool.

Now if they would only invent a robot that could cover business meetings for us, while we go skiing.

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