Christie Brinkley: No More Drama, Just A Hot Mamma

You can take a supermodel off of the runway, but you can’t take the supermodel out of the girl.  

Hardly just a girl, 55 year old Christie Brinkley showed up to the opening night of the Broadway musical West Side Story in New York bringing her own red to the carpet, wearing a radiant 3/4 length fire engine dress, sha-weeng! And we’re not just talking about the toss of the hair folks.  The most renowned model of the 80’s, Brinkley strutted in some patent red heels and accessorized in a multi-strand, token tangled gold necklace.  Clearly staying up-to-date in her style ways, this fashion maven knows gold is back in style.

It is evident Brinkley has tossed the tumultuous Peter Cook divorce drama behind her.  Now she can just be a hot supermodel Mamma that dresses age appropriate, but looks decades younger.

She does, by the way, have fabulous hair!

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