‘Tom Cruise’ Marijuana Problem

FEELING ALL PARANOID Tom (Photo: Getty Images)

Deep purple: Tom Cruise has his boxers in a wad over a new strain of medical marijuana, “Tom Cruise Purple.” Tommy Boy’s namesake comes packaged in a vial with a picture of Cruise laughing maniacally and is said to have hallucinatory properties.

Pedal to the mettle: A reporter asks Hillary Clinton if she told superdelegate Bill Richardson that Obama had no chance of winning in the general election. Hill then backpedals so fast, she goes back in time to backpedaling over her “landing under sniper fire in Bosnia” memories.

Baggage issues: After being arrested for allegedly spitting at a police officer at London’s Heathrow Airport, Naomi Campbell has been released on bail pending further investigation into the incident.

WAIT, THERE’S MORE: Anne Hathaway’s boy’s troubles; the science of smoking; and almost everyone agrees: America is totally on the wrong track!

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