Larry Craig’s Daily Show Moment

Stalled career: As rumors swirl that potty pickup artist Larry Craig might retire, Radar remembers his moment of glory on the Daily Show [Via Crooks & Liars].

Photo ops: The man behind the Fred Durst and Dustin Diamond sex videos, David Hans Schmidt, pleads guilty in a Tom Cruise extortion attempt, faces a $250,000 fine, two years in prison, and a life of torment by Scientologists.

Comeback kids: As Whitney Houston plots her crack-free comeback, Bobby Brown fights for partial custody of their kids.

Holy Mormon-mobile!: Mitt Romney‘s campaign motorcade speeds through red lights in South Carolina with a police escort, courtesy of taxpayers.

Bristly stubble: A typically unshaven George Clooney gets freaky when asked about his endorsements at the Venice Film Festival, saying “I’m not going to apologize to you for trying to make a living every once and a while.”

Randy Andy: Washed-up funnyman Andy Dick urinates all over the floor and patrons at an Ohio club. The fortunate are merely groped.

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