Harry Shearer On Sarah Palin

You ever watch bloggingheads, kids? Probably not, right? I’m not even quite sure myself what it is, although I know Mickey Kaus has something to do with it, and its apparent goal is to bring the excitement of bad wireless connections and unfortunately tight close-ups to the previously unglamorous world of conversations you might overhear two guys having at a high-end stereo store. Anyhow! Harry Shearer, whose credits are too numerous to mention but must always include Mr. Burns on The Simpsons, recently “diavlogged”—and thanks for finally creating a word uglier than “blog”—with awkward genius Robert Wright. The conversation, as all talks do these days, inevitably turns to Sarah Palin. Shearer makes some pretty good points, particularly regarding intelligence. Take a look! It’s still kind of early, you’ve got some time before work actually requires that you seem busy.

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