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Robert Pattinson’s Bloody Monday

Even bloody cuts can do little to detract from Robert Pattinson’s handsome face. The British actor was spotted looking roughed up as he continued shooting … READ MORE

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RPattz Back To Dapper Self On NY Movie Set

Robert Pattinson Wednesday, just a day removed from looking like the victim of a New York mugging, was back to his debonair self, dressed up in a suit and spor… READ MORE

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RPattz Brandishes Boo Boos On Set On New Movie

No, Robert Pattinson didn’t really get roughed up: the New Moon stunner just looked the part for a violent scene from his upcoming film, Remember Me, … READ MORE

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VIDEO: Behind The Scenes Of Jennifer Aniston’s New Movie

RadarOnline.com takes you behind-the-scenes of the upcoming romantic comedy The Bounty, which stars A-lister Jennifer Aniston and 300 alpha male GerarREAD MORE

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Gladiator to Robin Hood: Russell Crowe’s New Flick


A buff-looking Russel Crowe sports a new wardrobe for his role as Robin Hood (sorry, no tights) as he robs from the rich to give to the poor.

Click Here For PicsREAD MORE

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Remember Him. Rpattz Lights Up The Big Apple

Robert Pattinson, the star of Twilight and its upcoming sequel, New Moon, looked his usual handsome self while sporting a laid back look on the set of his for… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Canadian Mounties Called in To Protect Robert Pattinson

When you have the biggest heartthrob of the year on your hands, you have to do everything in your power to protect him. Producers of New Moon, the second insta… READ MORE