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EXCLUSIVE: Paris Hilton: I Feel Violated

Paris Hilton is not happy that someone allegedly tried to sell her stolen cell phone on Craigs List. 

Paris tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. “Th… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Stern’s Attorney: This Isn’t A Popularity Conte...

And it’s a good thing that it’s not!

Krista Barth, civil attorney for freshly indicted Howard K. Stern, doesn’t like what she’s seen so far in terms of how the … READ MORE

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News- Kate Walsh Angers Neighbors

If you’re a famous actress, is wanting a little more privacy acrime? Well, according to Kate Walsh‘s neighbors, it nearly is. The Private PraREAD MORE

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Rihanna Not in BodyGuard Sequel

Is Rihanna stepping into Whitney Houston‘s shoes and starring in the sequel to the hit The Bodyguard?

While that casting would be a treat for movie an… READ MORE

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Scarlett to Join Iron Man 2 Cast

You thought it wasn’t possible. Scarlett Johansson is set to get even more tongues wagging.

The actress will play the role of Russian super-spy Black Widow … READ MORE

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Howard K. Stern And Two Doctors Charged With Providing Drugs To Anna N...

Anna Nicole Smith‘s former lawyer and boyfriend, Howard K. Stern and two doctors were charged with providing Anna Nicole Smith with controlled sub… READ MORE

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Angelina: Back to Brown

First Katie Holmes, then Fergie, and now Angelina Jolie. The sultry mother of six is in the midst of shooting her next spy movie Salt and has once again change… READ MORE

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Sarah Jessica Parker’s English Crush

She may have at least ten years under her relationship belt with current husband Matthew Broderick, but Sarah Jessica Parker still has an eye for quality me… READ MORE

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Jolie: Step Aside Stunt Double

Yes, she was a tomb raider and has played at least two assassins. With a brood of five (with plans to have more), it would make sense that Angelina Jolie would s… READ MORE

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Carmen Electra Struts Her Stuff

Move over Pussycat Dolls, former Playboy model Carmen Electra gave her all with rockers the Chelsea Girls late last month, proving she ‘ s still  … READ MORE

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Paris & Doug–It’s Getting Serious

Paris Hilton and Doug Reinhardt are still in Maui enjoying some R & R in the sun. The couple along with Reinhardt’s mom, Kelly went to lunch at Long… READ MORE

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Leave Beckham Alone Say Officials

David Beckham, with his golden foot and golden locks, was trumpeted as the savior of Major League Soccer in America. With his wife Victoria in tow, the socce… READ MORE

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Katy Perry Grows Up

Looking stunning in lingerie for an April feature for  Esquire magazine, Katy Perry was her outspoken self, dishing about love, fame, and growing up.


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Lily Allen Loses Her Temper

In the ongoing struggle between photographers and celebrities, scuffles are just part of the territory. Songstress Lily Allen had another run in with pho… READ MORE

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DWTS Mounting Injury Count

The latest victim to fall victim to the grueling physicality of Dancing With the Stars is Apple computer co-founder Steve Wozniak who has a rumored leg frac… READ MORE

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Nicole and Sunday Have a Play Date

Move over Suri, there is a new power tot on the block. On Tuesday afternoon, Nicole Kidman took out adorable daughter Sunday Rose for some mother-daughter tREAD MORE

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Jen and John: Off Again?

The torrid romance between crooner John Mayer and actress Jennifer Aniston could well be over…again.

According to internet reports, a source say… READ MORE

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AW! Ashton Shows His Love For Demi

Ashton Kutcher is leaving home for a while to shoot a film and before he goes he’s got something important to say. Now, it takes him a while to spit it out … READ MORE

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Robert Pattinson: “I’m Friends With Camilla”

Robert Pattinson, the hunky star of Twilight addresses the controversial rumors of a love triangle between him, Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas in the upcominREAD MORE

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Joaquin Phoenix Attacks Fan at Miami Nightclub

Joaquin Phoenix continued his erratic behavior after jumping off stage to confront an audience member during a short performance at a Miami Beach nightclREAD MORE