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George Clooney’s Bathroom Break

If you’re an A-list movie star accustomed to top-of-the-line amenities, Chad in north-central Africa would be a shock to the senses. But do-gooder George READ MORE

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Paris’ New BFF: Let The Drama Begin

It’s so hard to find a BFF. You think “this is the one” and the next thing you know she turns into a total phony trying to live off your fame.… READ MORE

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Passion of Mel Gibson – That’s Not His Wife!

Mel Gibson has talked his way out of trouble before and it looks like he may have to do it again. Yes, that Married Mad Mel in the photo at left, embracing a young … READ MORE

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Christina Ricci Engaged

Christina Ricci is engaged to fellow actor Owen Benjamin.

The two began dating publicly since November and will appear in All’s Faire in Love. Benjamin bur… READ MORE

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Exclusive: Tom & Gisele Getting Married Again!

Once is not enough for Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. The quarterback and the supermodel are going to do it again — get married, that is!

The first wedd… READ MORE

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EXCLUSIVE: Beverly Johnson’s Ex: “She Pulled A Gun On Me!&...

Former supermodel Beverly Johnson‘s bitter split from her ex-boyfriend just got even nastier. He now claims that that she pulled a gun on him!


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Salma Opens Up

Sultry Salma Hayek recently opened up about marriage, motherhood, and the secret behind her Golden Globes look.

“I don’t know if it’s mother… READ MORE

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Denise Richards: Daughters Excited About Charlie Sheen’s New Boys

It seems like everything is water under the bridge for Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen.

Sheen and wife Brooke Mueller Sheen welcomed twin boys Bob and MaxREAD MORE

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Ricki Lake Unveils New Look, How She Keeps the Weight Off

Looking more like Demi Moore than Tracy Turnblad (her chubby character in Hairspray), Ricki Lake showed off her still-trim look at a recent photo shoot. In … READ MORE

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Update: Natasha Richardson Leaves Canada; New Accident Details

As conflicting reports surface regarding the severity of Natasha Richardson’s condition, new details of her accident have surfaced and RadarOnl… READ MORE

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Rachel Nichols And Husband Split

Rachel Nichols short marriage is coming to an end after her husband Scott Stuber filed for divorce.  

The couple were married in 2008 and cited irreconcila… READ MORE

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Ed Asner Divorce: Call In A Referee

Holy Bat-rimony, Ed Asner‘s divorce is so contentious that Commissioner Gordon has been dragged in to settle it! Oh wait, it’s not Commissio… READ MORE

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Interview: Real Housewife Loses Her Job

If you’re on a show based on being rich and fabulous, it’s a tough dose of actual reality when you lose your job. Real Housewives of New YorkR… READ MORE

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America’s Next Top Riot?

Three people were arrested, six injured and two hospitalized after a Manhattan casting call for America’s Next Top Model turned into a melee, accor… READ MORE

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Rihanna Steps Out

Rihanna has finally emerged from her self-imposed exile after her alleged altercation with boyfriend Chris Brown last month. Rihanna was spotted in New Y… READ MORE

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Gwyneth to Joaquin: “Live in the Projects”

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s music ties run deep. She’s married to Coldplay front man Chris Martin and was at pal Jay Z‘s wedding to Beyonce. As he… READ MORE

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Gisele and Tom’s Brazilian Getaway

Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady didn’t quite jet off on their honeymoon straight after their sunset wedding in February, but they did recently get awa… READ MORE

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Actor Ron Silver Dies

Ron Silver, a distinguished actor-activist who carved out his niche on television, movies and in Broadway, died on Sunday at 62 from esophageal cancer.


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Style: Lady Gaga Stopped by Police for Outfit

Lady GaGa always turns heads with her bizarre and often risque outfits (think latex, pantaloons, and cutouts). However, her avant garde look doesn’… READ MORE

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Ellen and Portia’s Newlywed Game

On Monday afternoon actress Portia de Rossi appeared as a guest on wife Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show for the first time.

It wasn’t just a normal chairsi… READ MORE