Larissa Dos Santos Lima Laughs At Ex-Husband Colt Johnson's New Galpal

Former '90 Day Fiance' star claims she still loves him.

90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Laughs At Colt Galpal90 Day Fiance Star Larissa Dos Santos Lima Laughs At Colt Galpal
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Larissa Dos Santos Lima Laughs At Ex-Husband Colt Johnson's New Galpal

Former '90 Day Fiance' star claims she still loves him.

Larissa Dos Santos Lima is laughing at her ex-husband Colt Johnson‘s rumored new girlfriend. Despite the former 90 Day Fiance star’s bitter split from Colt, Larissa has said she still loves him and has thrown shade at the lady currently in his life. As The Blast was first to report, the reality TV show’s expert John Yates said on Friday, October 4, that Colt’s new galpal will be joining the cast of the spinoff Happily Ever After? next season.

Colt has featured photos on social media of himself with the woman but she’s as yet unidentified. After fans slammed the lady’s appearance, Larissa responded with laughing emojis. The sexy Brazilian beauty who broke up with Colt amid legal drama posted several pictures of her ex last week, including wedding photos. Larissa got in between current 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way stars Corey Rathgeber and Evelin Villegas, who split earlier this week.

Evelin accused Larissa of being a “whore” because she went on a date with Corey in Las Vegas. Larissa countered in an Instagram Live video on Friday, October 4, “Stop to involve me with your man, I am single. I do whatever I want. If I want to date right now, I can go.”

She also referenced Colt, continuing, “I have one thousand men that want [to] date me but I don’t want [to] because I love Colt. I love Coltee, and that’s it. I cannot date anymore because I think too much about my marriage. One of the topics that I say to Corey yesterday was about my marriage, that I feel so sad that when I remember Coltee and everything.”

The former reality TV star ended her message with “Life is journey.” This was just days after Larissa filed a police report against her ex-boyfriend Eric Nichols. As The Blast reported, the “90 Day Fiancé” star claimed Eric was harassing her after their breakup in September. He’s reportedly being investigated by Las Vegas Police. Colt and Larissa documented their love story on season 6 of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé and viewers continued to see them on season 4 of the spinoff.

But it was a long unhappy marital road for Colt as Larissa was accused of domestic violence against him. Colt filed for divorce from his wife of just seven months on January 1, 2019. The move came the same day that she was charged with first-degree domestic battery following a reported fight with her husband at their home. Las Vegas police claimed that Larissa had lied about her injuries during their alleged fight and that her wounds were self- inflicted. It was the third time Larissa had been arrested for domestic violence.

Colt and Larissa’s fiery relationship has also included cheating scandals. The domestic violence charges in Larissa’s first two arrests were dropped, The Blast learned. Her third charge is reportedly set to be reduced to disorderly conduct after she completes 28 domestic violence counseling sessions, as well as paying a $345 fine.

On Saturday, October 5, plastic surgery enthusiast Larrisa opined on social media, “Thinking about the past made me realize it is like walking into a home where you once lived. You see the dining room and remember the good times, but you cannot forget what made you leave. You realize that a bigger house and nice furniture couldn’t fix the problems anymore. I sit in the living room, watching the same old movie over and over again through tears and fear. Seeing that the dirt is still there, sadness hidden under the carpet, I decide to walk out and close the door and never look back again.”

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