David Arquette Falls Off The Wagon -- And Into The Arms Of Strippers -- As Divorce From Courteney Cox Is Finalized

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David Arquette Falls Off The Wagon -- And Into The Arms Of Strippers -- As Divorce From Courteney Cox Is Finalized

Eighteen months ago, David Arquette celebrated one year sober, with his daughter Coco and ex-wife Courtney Cox by his side. Saturday night, he was celebrating something else entirely as he pounded Scotch alone at a bar and went wild with local hanger-ons at a strip club in Richmond, Virginia.

Only RadarOnline.com has the exclusive story of his out-of-control party binge.

Local indie R&B producer Somnate, aka Nathan Keeyes, spotted David drinking solo at Popkins Tavern in Richmond on Saturday night. “It was so random,” he tells RadarOnline.com in an exclusive interview. “He was literally the only dude siting at the bar, by himself. I wouldn’t have recognized him if my friend hadn’t. He didn’t look too good. Much older.”

“He was so f***d up,” Somnate says. “I don’t know what number he was on, but he smelled like alcohol and he was slurring his words.”

A bar employee confirms to RadarOnline.com that the 41-yer-old Scream star was drinking a significant amount of Macallan 18 Scotch, which retails at around $165 per bottle. “He was very good for us,” the source laughed, referencing the drink’s price tag. “We hope he’ll come in again!”

Somnate adds: “David bought me and my two friends tequila shots as soon as we sat down. But he told us he didn’t take shots. He just kept ordering his drinks.”

Soon, David was joined by a group of locals who had met David the night before.

“One of them was telling this story about how it was his 21st birthday and David took him to the strip club,” Somnate reveals. “David literally got all these strippers to drag the kid onto the floor and start dancing on him.” [A dancer at Club Rouge confirmed David was at the club Friday night.]

Not long after, David decided to take his posse to the nearby Paper Moon strip club.

“He was like, you guys should come to the strip club with us!” says Somnate. “We were like, ‘Woah. That’s crazy!’ We did not expect him to say that.”

“David was like ‘I’ll pay the fee for you so you guys can just get in. So we went there and he got a few drinks.”

Leaving his entourage to enjoy the club, David “was talking to girls left and right,” Somnate says. “He had all these girls hanging on him. Random girls were walking up to him being like, ‘Are you David Arquette?’ Dude was loving it.”

“Then there was this one girl who was dancing and she was really skinny, not as thick as the other girls,” Somnate says.

“She was working it so hard, but she wasn’t getting as much money as the other girls. David disappeared for a couple minutes, and we didn’t know where he went. All of a  sudden, he comes out of nowhere and literally throws like more than a hundred ones at her. He made it rain! Everybody was laughing as hard as f**k.”

In all, Somnate says, “David was really nice. It did look kind of sad, but at the same time, he’s famous so he can just randomly grab people and have a hundred person squad to chill with!”

This is just the latest setback in David’s battle with alcohol addiction, which he once told Oprah began at age 4. After going off the rails post-split from Courtney, he spent four weeks at Betty Ford in early 2011, that seemed to stick for a while.