Joran van der Sloot's Confession -- Read The Entire Document Here

Jun. 15 2010, Published 4:05 a.m. ET

Link to FacebookShare to XShare to Email has obtained the 10-page confession Joran van der Sloot made to Peruvian police about the murder of a 21-year-old Peruvian woman in his Lima hotel room and you can read the entire document here.

The confession details how van der Sloot slammed Stephany Flores Ramirez in the face with his right elbow, strangled her for a full minute, then took off his shirt and suffocated her with it.

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"There was blood everywhere," the Dutchman told investigators.

"What am I going to do now? I had blood on my shirt. There was also blood on the bed, so, I took my shirt and put it on her face, pressing hard, until I killed Stephany."

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He says Flores threw the first blow: "At that moment impulsively, with my right elbow I hit her in the face exactly on top of the nose. I think she started to faint. It affected me so that I grabbed her from the neck and strangled her for a minute."

The original document is in Spanish but we have obtained a translation.

DOCUMENTS: Van Der Sloot's Confession (in spanish)

Flores and van der Sloot had been playing online poker on van der Sloot's laptop, when an insulting message arrived on the screen mentioning the Natalee Holloway case and saying: "I'm going to kill you, you little Mongoloid."

Van der Sloot has been arrested twice but has never been charged in the 2005 disappearance of the Alabama teen, who vanished while on vacation in Aruba.

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Fearing for his life in an overcrowded prison, van der Sloot, 22, reportedly wants to make a deal with authorities. He says he'll lead Aruban officials to Holloway's remains if he gets a transfer to a prison in the Caribbean island.

Here is van der Sloot's full confession:

In the city of Lima, at 11.25u on June 6, 2010, in the presence of the representative of the Public Ministry in Lima, Roxana Rosado Soto, on the homicide department.

Andreaus Peter Joran van der Sloot (22) from Arnhem , born August 6, 1987. Marital status: single. Son of Paul and Anita van der Sloot van der Sloot. Education: Bachelor of the Han HAN Nijmegen . Living in Aruba, but enrolled in Arnhem .

Present the lawyer Luz Marina Romero Chinchay and the witness and translator of the Dutch Embassy Maurice Stein.

Questions from the police and the representative of the Public

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1.Via translator: Do you have advice from a lawyer for that statement?

-My lawyer is present.

2. Explain why your statement about the murder of Tatiana Flores Stephany Ramirez (1921) on June 5 has failed to finish, despite the presence of a representative of the OM , the translator and the lawyer?

- Because I was tired and had not slept in 24 hours. I wanted my statement and my lawyer told me that I had better wait until the end of police investigations and the right to talk.

3. Since when you are on the Homicide Division and you know why you are being detained?

- I've been here since June 5 and that is because of the murder of Stephany Flores.

4. What do you do for work, where, since when and how much you earn?

- I have one thing in Thailand . Selling pizza, sandwiches and coffee, which I earn 20,000 euros annually. I do this already 2.5 years.

5. Why did you come to Peru and how and when you come to Lima ?

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I arrived in Lima to participate in the international poker tournament, by plane from Aruba , from Bogotá, on May 14, 2010.

6. Do you know the person Elton Garcia and the person who lives Stephany Flores Tatiana Ramirez (21) was called? If yes, please indicate where and when you came to know and tell them about your relationship to them.

Elton-Garcia is a friend of mine. I met him two weeks ago to know the Atlantic City casinos in Lima . Stephany Flores, I have met in Atlantic City casinos, about May 27 She was a knowledge I have not been granted.

7. You explain further what activities you did between May 14, the day you arrived in Lima , and May 30?

- I often go to Atlantic City casinos have. I've shopped in Larco Marco and in the center of Lima . And I went to the casinos of the Marriott Hotel and Fiesta, opposite Atlantic City .

8.Where have you lived since you came to Lima on May 14 and how much you paid for this?

- I was in room 309 of Hotel TAC WONG opposite the supermarket in Miraflores, and paid 50 soles per night.

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9. What were you doing on May 29 between 18.00 and 2.00 on May 30?

- On May 29th I went to Atlantic City casinos to 18.00 at blackjack and poker. I drank pisco sour whiskey and cola. I think I played blackjack 18.00 to 2.00u and 2.00u to 5.00u poker.

10. Tell in detail what happened between the murder of Stephany Flores in Room 309 of Hotel TAC and your flight to Chile .

- On May 30th I was at 2.00u with different people play poker when Stephany Flores sat at my table. Then I played cards some two to three hours, always in her presence. For five hours she told me she wanted to play more on the Intenet . They proposed a way to go together. We played for a bit and  then left to hotel TAC in Stephany's car, a black 4x4.

We arrived at around half past five and went to my room to play poker at my laptop. At one point I opened my mailbox and saw a message: "I'll murder you, mongooltje", referring to the Holloway case. I started with Stephany Flores to talk about the case. I explained that I was five years ago was arrested, I was suspicious of the disappearance of the girl. That was half hours after we had entered Room 309.

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As I said, she hit me on my head with her left fist. I reacted impulsively by a blow with my right elbow to give precisely on her nose. There was blood everywhere. She seemed half unconscious. I was so angry that I had with both hands grabbed at her throat and strangled her, one minute long. Then I realized what I was doing.

I got up thinking what to do. There was also blood on my shirt and on the bed. When I took my shirt and I pushed it hard on her face, until she was dead. Then I thought: now what? I left the hotel but the receptionist told me I had to move the car. I went back to room 309. I wanted to flee the hotel. I grabbed my two bags and I drove away with the car. I do not remember where. I have about five minutes driving around. Then I took a taxi to the international airport "Jorge Chavez". Then I thought that I better not by plane could go. I took a taxi to the other side of town, at a bus terminal.

As I packed for 600 soles a taxi to another town whose name I do not remember. Since I took another taxi for 500 soles to Nazca. In Nazca someone drove me 100 soles to the following cities. When we arrived I talked with the taxi driver about the murder of Stephany Flores. "I have committed murder, I want out of Peru ," I said. "Wait for the next city," he replied. Once there, he said: "My friends are not now, maybe it's better if you have a bus takes." "You told me you would bring me to Arica , please do that too,"  I said back. The driver: "Slowly, we're going to eat something."

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We did that and then came his friends turn. They asked $ 1,500 for the trip. I agreed. I had at that time only $ 500 cash in his pocket. I said I would pin the rest from an ATM. We left in a white mini van, but said the move wegpolitie our papers. The drivers then advised me to throw away a bag. I threw my briefcase beige sport away.

Then they said they would bring me to Arica when my stuff would not specify. They wanted my cell phone, my watch, two perfumes, books, clothing (including jeans and a few polos from Lacoste brand) and some other stuff. When we arrived at the border post, in Tacna , remained one of the drivers behind because his ID was fake.

I went across the border with the two Peruvians who had ridden piece from Nazca. Until we, at approximately 16:00 on May 31, arrived in Chile . I tried with my debit card to one thousand U.S. dollars, but I could only get five hundred. The Peruvians said that I also had to pay the rest. To have no problems with them, told me that I had two watches, one of the Ferrari brand, with a value of $ 7000.

I gave the watch to one of them, but the other kept it with him. I promised that I would call a day later and I was by Western Union the remaining $ 500 would make. At the time of transfer, I would tell them where they had to give back the watch. If I would have inside, I'd pay $ 500. After having agreed that, they left.

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I spent the night in a hotel in Arica , I do not remember the name. A day later, on June 1st, I'm in town all day and I stayed at night caught a bus to Antofagasta . Since I took the plane to Santiago , where I arrived at 14h00. I went to a place called Vasco de Gama, where I took a shower in a hotel. I dropped my gear and took a taxi to Santiago .

Someone approached me and asked me if I ever "Coffee with feet 'had been drinking. I said no. Then he took me to a bar where naked women were serving coffee. I befriended this man and he invited me to his home. As I kept drinking liquor. I stayed there to sleep because I was drunk.

A day later I left, back to Vasco de Gama, and I saw the taxi that my picture in the newspaper and that they were looking for a murderer Holland . I asked the taxi driver to bring me to a police station. At the police station in Vasco de Gama I talked with the agents. I said: "I'm in the paper that the Peruvian police search for murder me." She looked at me weird and said 'wait'. Then a female police officer. "It is better if you go to another police station because we know nothing of."

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I told the next taxi driver that I wanted to vomit. "A cousin of mine has been police chief in Santiago . If you want, I call him, "he said. I asked him to do so. He spoke five minutes and gave me the phone. In Spanish, I was managing, I explained to him that the Peruvian police searched me. He asked me where I came from. From the Netherlands , I said. When he called back a little later, he told me at the police headquarters in Santiago to go.


Along the taxi driver kept calling. He said: "My cousin tells me that she'll go for safety intercept." It took another hour before police intercepted my taxi. They drove me in a private car to the Migration Service in Santiago . They explained that I was not arrested was that I could do what I wanted. I used the computer and ate. Until I was told that my extradition to Peru soon.

I said I did not agree that I wanted to talk with a lawyer. They told me that I have nothing to say. That a decision by the government. I asked if I could not be extradited to the Netherlands . That would see them. Then they repeated that I was not arrested, but to take me because of a decision from higher up the country would expand, to Peru .

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11. How were you dressed and Stephany on May 30?

- I had a blue jeans, which brand I do not know. I have several. Furthermore, a beige shirt with long sleeves and white Nike sneakers that I wear now. Stephany had a blue jeans. And a polo shirt and shoes, I think.

12. Do you get an object used to kill Stephany?

- No

13. Specify where you have beaten her and how often.

- I saw her only once beaten her nose with my right elbow.

14. Is Prince racket in the hotel room was found for the murder?

- The racket that you showed me, I did not used to save the victim.

15. Is this garment of One Star Converse, beige, with long sleeves and blood, the same clothing you wore on May 30 and used to Stephany to suffocate?

- Yes.

16. Who is this white-turquoise purse at the place of offense was found and there was what exactly?

- From Stephany. There were three fit, one Visa, one of a bank, an ID card. And an amount of 850 soles.

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17. What happened to the contents of the wallet happened after you had slain Stephany?

- Stephany I knew had money, but I did not know much and I knew not that fit. They exchanged their chips in before leaving the casino. After having killed her, I took after her and her money.

18. If after the murder further property (like jewelry) by Stephany stolen?

- She had no jewels. I've only her stolen jeep.

19. Why did you leave the jeep when passing Jorge Chavez-Surco?

I do not know, because I thought not clear and the city of Lima does not know.

20. What was the true motive for Stephany to murder?

- I do not know. But when she hit me on my head, I became lost control of my actions. I did not know what I did. I know now what I did, but the motive is unknown to me. It was an impulsive act after a blow to my head I had.

21. Why you fled to Chile after the assassination and gave you about the police, while that in Peru could have done?

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- I'm not clear after. I would just as soon as possible away from the crime scene and leave the country. But when I arrived in Chile and saw my picture in the newspapers, I decided to surrender to the Chilean authorities.

22. Why did you room 309 after the murder to return with two cups of coffee in hand?

- I do not know. I simply do not know what I was thinking.

23. If after the murder at any time considered the victim's body to hide?

- Yes, that thought has gone through my head. But I could not stand it anymore, there was a lot of blood in the room.

24. How do you explain the wounds in the face and several parts of the body and skull fracture noted during the autopsy?

- I do not know how these injuries have been achieved.

25. As you have indicated you Stephany strangled with both hands. Specifies where the victim was found and what position you took time.

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- They sat on the bed when I gave her a hard elbow. I think her head hit the wall backwards. Then she started to bleed. Then I immediately sat down on her and started to strangle her with two hands. I gave her one minute so held. Then I saw her on the floor. But she was still breathing. Then I turned off my shirt and pressed her face hard-n. I do not know how long but she stopped breathing. I think I got her so slain.

26. Is it true that you then have attracted her clothes and if so, why?

- I really do not know, but I think so. It was after her to have slain. It was her pants and her shoes, but nothing else. I do not know why I did it.

27. Where would you have the body of Stephany want to hide?

No idea, but it also occurred to me.

28. What attracted you garment after the murder, given that the shirt covered with blood?

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- A red black striped shirt with a V-neck.

29. Do you have the blood of the floor swept and if so, which?

- Yes. With the duvet and sheets.

30. Give a description of the appearance of those flight to Arica possible.

Three men have driven me to Arica . The first was thin, hairy, small and had a dark skin. He brought me to Nazca Ica. The second was heavily built, dark hair, long and he brought me from Nazca to Arica and had a dark skin. The third was the brother of the first and looked at him, but his face was a bit fuller. He was the owner of the vehicle. She asked me money and have robbed me of my Nokia phone, garments, my Ferrari watch worth $ 7,000 and two perfumes which I forgot the brand. They said they would show me if I would not give money.

31. Are you for the championship of the Latin America Poker Tour casino Atlancic City came and, if so, standing before you enrolled?

- Yes, I came to this tournament. But I was not registered because the organization until June 1 would arrive.

32 - Which phone rang Stephany you and where is the phone?

- I had a Peruvian SIM card, but I ID. One of the taxi drivers, the phone, it is Carlos Alberto EURIB Pretil.

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33. What things did you have with you when you left room 309 after the murder?

-A backpack with papers, laptop, clothes and a beige bag with clothing, books. The money I took from Stephany's wallet, when I added my own money.

34. Stephany won money when they played in the casino with you and if so how much?

- I do not think they would gain.

35. For what reason did you Stephany to Room 309?

In order to continue playing poker on the Inter net .

36. Stephany said what to you when they hit you on your head?

- I was explaining it to me five years earlier was accused of the suppression of a girl because I get a message through Facebook had received. She listened to me and suddenly it hit me. I do not know why.

37. Why did you kill Stephany?

- After I had given her a slap, I was afraid they would leave to the police and that she would hold me. It was an impulsive act. I think I killed her because I thought not.

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38. According to the autopsy report had Stephany amphetamines in her blood. Have you given her something to drink that contained amphetamine?

- No

39. You drank together in the casino and if so, what and how much?

- I Pepsi, pisco sour whiskey and cola. Stephany and wine, I believe. I stole something from 18.00h to ten glasses of wine.

40. Where does the money come you left the country?

- I had $ 25,000 with me when I walked in Peru , but I have not declared. I Chile I pinned on June 2 $ 500. That was my Click2Pay account, an organization that facilitates payment via the Inter net . I have a pass but has remained in Chile with my belongings.

41. Where did that $ 25,000 come from and why has this not shown?

- I made a TV show about Inter net fraud, and for that information I received  $25,000 from Uri Geller from the Netherlands . First $ 10,000 in cash and then $ 15,000 in my bank account of SNS Bank in the Netherlands . I also have  an ABN account. Furthermore I had received $ 9,000 for providing information about the Holloway case one Quinsy John Kelly. A week before I arrived in Peru I had won $ 6,000 in casinos in Aruba . Moreover, I have some poker accounts. I travel around the world with a lot of money playing poker and I am never on. I do not see why I should be doing. It takes only time that questions about the origin of the money.

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42. If you've already committed a serious offense or you've been involved? If so, why and where?

- The only event was the Holloway case in Aruba five years ago, for various suspicions.


43. Have you voluntarily surrendered or were the brothers and Aparcana Pisconte EURIB Pretil who suggested that?

- Yes, I have voluntarily surrendered. It was my decision.

44. Do you have something to add or change to this statement?

"I want to read everything. And I wish to discuss the Natalee Holloway case. There are chances that if this process quickly and smoothly, I am extradited to Aruba . I want to talk about the case but not now. I want to talk with the police in Aruba . If there is a risk that the case be closed, then I am willing to assist in clarifying it."

And it has nothing to add.



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