How To Take A Great FB Photo: Part 2

Mar. 18 2010, Published 8:06 a.m. ET

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Ok, so we're determined that taking a great profile photo is a must and generously supplied you with hair and make-up tips in Part One.

The last part of the puzzle is taking the actual photographer so we went to Christian Scott,  who can anyone look glamours and -- as we discovered -- has some strong views on porfile pics!

Bad Drunken Party Pics

-No no no no no no!!!

-They will come back to bite you in the ass one day. You are basically giving up copyright once posted on facebook, so these pics can end up anywhere!!!

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-They are not flattering and kinda make you look like a tool. People are laughing at you, not with you on this one.

-You just don't know what pics of you will end up on Facebook, so stay as far away from cameras as you can when you are drunk, angry, having an ugly day, in a bad mood, or depressed! Being genuinely happy and in a good mood will definitely read i n a photo!

Camera Phone Photos

-These rarely come out flattering, so this is a must avoid!

Keep Your Clothes On!

-Guys, this is not a gay hook-up site. So quit with the topless-self-portrait-in-the-bathroom mirror-pic.

-Girls, keep your panties on! The Paris Hilton, Lindsey Lohan surprise beaver shot has been done! Seeing a photo of your friend passed out drunk on a sidewalk with her ankles around her head isn't her most gracious moment either ;-)

Open Shade

-If you're outside and about about to have your photo taken, direct yourself into open shade instead of direct sunlight!!! This is actually really flattering lighting. So unless you have a stylist, professional photographer, and photo retoucher on hand, direct sunlight is rarely flattering. Oh those ugly shadows!

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Professional Photography

-Try a professional photo shoot! Get together some clippings of your favorite photos from magazines, find a good photographer and have some fun! With the right photographer (hint hint ;-) ), you could get some hot photos for your profile!

Self Portrait With Friends Holding Your Own Digital Camera!

-I'm a big fan of these because they usually seem so natural and fun. Keep the flash "on" (great lighting for jawline and face!)

-Practice practice practice this shot when you're on your own until you find the angle that works the best for your face shape! For example- Small eyes?- Chin down! Big forehead?-Chin up! Big nose?- Not too much angle/profile on the face!

The Childhood Pic

-Call me nuts, but I think the childhood pic is kinda cool. I get a real kick out of seeing what you looked like 30 years ago. Now that's laughing with you, not at you :-)

Quick tip!

-If you're skin looks a little uneven or just not at it's best, try changing the pic to black and white and up the contrast! It's amazing how many times this trick can make you look a lot better!

Remember, there's nothing wrong at laughing at yourself in a 'bad' pic as long as that pic will never rear its ugly head again one day to judge you!


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