PHOTOS: Orlando Bloom Gets Wet & Wild

PHOTOS: Orlando Bloom Gets Wet & Wild

Sexy Orlando Bloom was soaking wet Thursday on the Marina Del Rey, California set of his forthcoming film, The Good Doctor, as the actor had to film a scene fully-clothed in the Pacific Ocean.

Bloom, 33, wore a light blue shirt, undershirt and slacks as cameras rolled on the film, which is said to be an Alfred Hitchcock-esque thriller about a physician who craves adulation from his superiors and peers. Taraji P Henson and Michael Pena also star in the film, which Bloom is producing, as well.

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Bloom, who dates Victoria’s Secret angel Miranda Kerr, recently said he will not be in the fourth Pirates Of The Caribbean movie.

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“I had a great time making those movies,” he recently said. “Whatever Johnny [Depp] does, I think it’s fantastic.”